Shackleton Group was founded in response to a need  in both the government and commercial market places, for individuals with experience and foresight in navigating the complex waters of systems acquisition.

In determining how we could best support those needs, Shackleton Group has relied heavily on the background of its owners, all former Marine Officers.

In defining the services that we could provide our clients, the consultants and owners of Shackleton Group reflected on those key aspects of their careers and those of their colleagues that have made them, and the teams they were a part of, successful.
Shackleton Group discovered early on that when helping our clients navigate the acquisition market that it was critical to view the client’s entire organization and help define the strategies and structure necessary to support and sustain a high performance environment.

In the past twenty years, Shackleton Group’s team members have established a reputation of integrity, reliability, hard work and bringing solutions to the table in collaboration with our clients.


What We Offer

Shackleton Group offers its clients a tailored approach to navigating change that can modify the very culture of your organization. We will help you develop an environment where high performance flourishes and employees excel because they are the architects of their own solutions. Shackleton Group will collaborate with your team and provide the tools necessary to harness the single most competitive advantage in the marketplace today: the focused, collective power of your people.