Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships (R3) Mapping

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In today’s highly global, technological, and dynamic marketplace, the relationships we establish, and how we cultivate them become driving factors in our organizations’ success. Over the past 20 years, we have discovered that some of the greatest challenges’ organizations experience are grounded in communications and a clear understanding of the role we play on our team and within our organization.

While capturing individual roles and responsibilities may help address some of these challenges, it doesn’t resolve the most critical aspect; This requires identifying and understanding the nature of the relationships necessary between those roles, both internally and externally, to achieve optimum results for your team. Overcoming those challenges can be realized rapidly by applying Shackleton Group’s R3 Approach. This approach will not only capture key roles and responsibilities but will guarantee associated relationships critical to those positions, are identified, publicized and understood by the team, ensuring their effective contribution to the organization’s ultimate success.

Process Steps & Descriptions