Conflict Resolution/Issue Mitigation

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Shackleton Group will help you identify, address and resolve immediate or long-term issues within your team. Our extensive leadership and organizational consulting experience, and our comprehensive facilitation skills allow us to “smoke jump” and rapidly respond to urgent organizational issues that require immediate attention. Those same skill sets and experience can be applied to facilitate you and your team through issues that are less immediate but may still require rapid development of long-term solutions.

Our Approach

Shackleton Group brings years of facilitation and leadership experience to assist you in accomplishing myriad organizational objectives. Our facilitators instill a guided process, and an absolute, recognizable objectivity establishing a collaborative environment with participants while building buy-in on a plan to achieve common goals. Our facilitation models, process and tools afford a structured flexibility that is built into our approach allowing our trained facilitators to deviate from a plan when necessary, but always accomplish the objectives.