Decision Making Under Stress


In  an  era  of  technology  and  information  systems,  it  is  more  important  than  ever  to  preserve and develop the unique abilities of the human mind. The process of decision-­‐making, when required to be implemented quickly and without adequate information, is a  process  that  cannot  be  delegated  to  a  machine.    In  a  dynamic  and  ever-­‐changing  environment, there is a need to identify and respond with immediacy to both opportunities  and  risks.    Emergent  situations  require  a  different  approach,  different  tools, and a different language than that of routine.

What is Decision‐Making Under Stress?

DMUS is a practical seminar for acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to make and carry out decisions in an emergent situation.  The method of instruction emphasizes two  components  of  decision-­making. The  first  is  awareness:  awareness  of  self,  awareness  of  one’s  team,  and  awareness  of  the  situation. The  second  component develops technique and tools, which are constructed by the participants in the course of the seminar with the guidance of the instructor.

This  program  was  created  to  narrow  the  gap  between  routine  and  emergent. It  was  created for executives, commanders, team leaders, and staff members who are working in dynamic, ever-­changing environments that can potentially shift from the ordinary to the unexpected.

The  seminar  was  developed  as  a  direct  result  of  long  operational  experience  in  both  military  and  civilian  capacities  by  the  team  leaders,  and  reflects  the  belief  that individuals  can  be  taught  to  enhance  their  efficiency  in  decision-­making  through  knowledge, training, and practice.

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