Conflict Resolution

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Shackleton Group will help you identify, address and rapidly resolve conflicts on your team. Frequently, two of the greatest barriers to resolving conflicts on a team are the perception of lack of objectivity by the individual charged with resolving the conflict (i.e. they are actual invested in a particular outcome), or lack of experience in dealing with or resolving major conflicts. Our facilitation experience and approach ensure objectivity, inclusion in the process, and interested party buy-in that yields a more enduring outcome.

Our Approach

Shackleton Group brings years of facilitation and leadership experience to assist you in accomplishing myriad organizational objectives. Our facilitators instill a guided process, and an absolute, recognizable objectivity establishing a collaborative environment with participants while building buy-in on a plan to achieve common goals. Our facilitation models, process and tools afford a structured flexibility that is built into our approach allowing our trained facilitators to deviate from a plan when necessary, but always accomplish the objectives.