We help organizations like yours stay several steps ahead of the competition through a series of products that define what we call “Corporate Maneuver Warfare.”

Very simply, we can show you how to leverage business opportunities and increase your bottom line by being as effective and efficient in business as the Marine Corps is on the battlefield.

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Our Approach

Shackleton Group will collaborate with your team to harness the single most competitive advantage in the marketplace today:
the focused, collective power of your people!

Shackleton Group offers its clients a non-prescriptive approach to navigating change that can modify the very culture of your organization  We will help you develop an environment where high performance flourishes and employees excel because they are the architects of their own solutions. Shackleton Group will collaborate with your team and provide the necessary tools to harness the single most competitive advantage in the marketplace today: the focused, collective power of your people.

How We Do It

Value Project Leadership™

Rather than simply managing projects, SG clients realize added value from our unique, deliberate leadership approach to cultivating relationships, tracking & reporting progress, planning resources, and driving participation that not only enables successful completion of contract requirements but exceeds client expectations.

What Customers are saying

  • NAVAIR Executive
    My Program and I have utilized SG for a variety of Leadership development activities and products and have applied the knowledge gained with great success. Their clarity of thought, patience, real-world experience, and ability to translate that for our situation was tremendous.
    NAVAIR Executive
  • NAVAIR Program Manager
    I have trusted the Shackleton Group's professionals to help my organization define and refine our strategy and structure over the last 4 years to meet our ever changing defense acquisition environment. They are highly effective and work quickly, allowing me to align my strategy and structure with my personnel to optimize our support of the Warfighter.
    NAVAIR Program Manager
  • As a small business we are very thankful to have worked with the Shackleton Group, they are a key factor to the current success and future growth and development of our company. Their commitment to their client and attention to detail is unmatched.
    Pres & CEO, Defense Industry Company
  • Israeli Secret Service Agent
    I have been to many leadership seminars in the course of my professional career, but this course distinguished itself at every level.
    Israeli Secret Service Agent
  • Government Product Team Lead
    I found it to be an invaluable tool and would highly recommend it to any organization that is looking to refresh, refine, and improve the leadership skills and awareness of the organization.
    Government Product Team Lead
  • Government Product Team Lead
    I have worked with the Shackleton Group on many occasions the last few years supporting projects within our Program Office and I have found them to be very professional and an asset to our processes. I have personally requested their assistance for a project I was working and I was very pleased with their support and final product.
    Government Product Team Lead
  • Chief of Police
    I believe this training was some of best I have had in 38+ years in law enforcement.
    Chief of Police
  • Government Product Team Lead
    I really liked the course because it’s not theoretical. We didn’t do pretend scenarios in the class, but rather real-life examples that I understand and can apply directly to what I do at work.
    Government Product Team Lead
  • Government Product Team Lead
    Shackleton Group is different because the instructors KNOW this stuff, they’ve lived it and they’ve seen it work in OUR environment. This is practical knowledge, not book knowledge.
    Government Product Team Lead
  • Senior Undercover Narcotics Officer
    In 27 1⁄2 years, by far the most captivating, essential and necessary training I have EVER attended.
    Senior Undercover Narcotics Officer
  • President, Int’l Construction Company
    I am confident that as a result of working with Shackleton Group we will be able to better serve our customers, save money, retain our best talent, and sharpen our competitive edge.
    President, Int’l Construction Company
  • This content is great! It will really help us with ensuring all of our teams are productive during this mass teleworking event in history and can help shape future possibilities and capabilities they did not have before this. Very grateful for you making these tools available for us to use.
    Client Vice President

Who We Work With